In Milton Keynes Robot Company Starship Technologies starts delivering

Starship Technologies Robots are ready to start delivering packages to their destinations across Milton Keynes. Recipients will be able to receive their packages information live by mobile phone app, and they can get notification when their packages arrive at door step.

Starship Technologies is pioneered in smart deliveries robots and has already partnered with the Co-op in Milton Keynes to deliver groceries there

Customers can easily avail this service by paying monthly subscription of £7.99 for an unlimited number of deliveries.

With the help of app, when customer signed-up on the app, they will receive a “personal address” at the depot where parcels can be sent, to then be delivered by the robots.

Lex Bayer, Starship’s chief executive officer, said: “We’re excited that thanks to our technology, local communities across Milton Keynes will never miss a home delivery again.”


Features of Robot:

Travel along pavements and cross streets, just like pedestrians.

This robot contains different sensors, RADAR, GPS and HD cameras for navigation and vision. It is integrated with Software for video analytics.