80 Zika cases reports in India, 22 pregnant women

India has rumored a virulent disease of the Zika virus with 80 confirmed cases since last month together with 22 pregnant girls within the western state of Rajasthan, officers aforementioned Wed.

India, wherever the dipterous insect|Aedes aegypti|mosquito} mosquito that carries Zika and alternative viruses is wide current, rumored its 1st Zika cases in Jan 2017 in neighbour Gujarat.

Since Zika erupted on an outsized scale in 2015, quite one.5 million folks in additional than seventy countries are infected, with most in South America.
In rare cases, if pregnant girls contract the virus their babies will develop brain defects.

In Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur, 330 special groups are spraying and fumigating homes and nearly 440,000 folks are beneath police investigation.

“Awareness is vital in dominant vector borne diseases. No stone ought to be left unturned to succeed in intent on the folks,” Indian Health Minister J P Nadda aforementioned in an exceedingly statement.

Zika was additionally detected within the southern Indian state of province in July 2017. the globe Health Organisation has aforementioned no immunizing agent is probably going to be accessible till 2020.